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Theresa Fross

Make room for magical thinking!

Diane’s beautiful and enthusiastic energy comes through. Figuring out how a man thinks seems to be a life long lesson for most of us. I love the superhighway comparison about men’s brains. This class should be taught in high schools. Finally, Dian...

rosemary oconnor

Loved it and great advice!

I have tried everything for the past 18 years to find a decent man. Diane's course is delivered in a loving and humorous way that gave me practical tools and tremendous hope.

Welcome, Gorgeous!

The Fairy Godmother’s Kick Ass Guide works like this:

For each of the nine modules, there’s a video of me talking to you and mentoring you toward love without losing your mind.  

Then, there's an action plan to download where you will put into practice what you just learned about changing the way you think about yourself and relationships. 

By the way, I used an avatar of myself in the lessons because, Honey, there are days when my avatar simply looks better than me! 

Give yourself the gift of committing to each lesson and doing the exercises... 

...because it is in the doing where the magic happens. 

✨ Magically, 

Diane Conway
Diane Conway
Fairy Godmother

About the instructor

Diane is a woman who lives her dreams (even if quakin’ in her boots) and inspires others to do the same. As a coach, speaker and workshop leader, she shares her message with heart and humor.

Diane’s first book, The Fairy Godmother’s Guide to Dating and Mating for women who have dated every dysfunctional man in America, led to appearances on chat shows in the UK.  The humorous documentary Love in America produced by ITV featured Diane in her fairy godmother persona throughout the show, prompting the London Sunday Times to say, “The Fairy Godmother (Diane Conway) was the most entertaining thing on television all week.”

Diane’s second book, What Would You Do If You Had No Fear? Living your dreams while quakin’ in your boots (foreword by Anne Lamott) caught the attention of Oprah’s producers.

Men’s Brains and Other Mysteries of Life, the comedy show for women which Diane wrote and performed, played comedy clubs across the United States from Nashville to Las Vegas.  Diane has presented programs for numerous women’s conferences.

What People are Saying About Diane:

"Diane is going to feel like your new best friend.  She’s intelligent, spiritual, wise, and hilarious.”  Anne Lamott, author Bird by Bird

“Conway is funny, positive, upbeat.”  SF Chronicle

“Conway is one of today’s funniest women.”  The Tennessean, Nashville

“What a perfect question!  It resonates with truth and wisdom.  It encourages my heart  and jumpstarts my imagination.” BJ Gallagher, Author of Witty Words from Wise Women


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